best bluetooth earbuds for swimming 2021

If you are looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for the summer and happen to be going swimming, then you need something which will keep its sound quality intact in even the most energetic of conditions.

In fact, many people find that they become more focused on the music while swimming or even just listening to their favorite podcast while bathing or even just laying on the beach with a fine layer of sand between you and the elements.

The following are some of the best Bluetooth earbuds for swimming which are available at reasonable prices.

best bluetooth earbuds for swimming 2021

H2O Audio Sonar Underwater Waterproof

Our Rating


best bluetooth earbuds for swimming 2021

FINIS Duo Underwater

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best bluetooth earbuds for swimming 2021

Sony NWWS623/B Waterproof and Dustproof Walkman with Bluetooth

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best bluetooth earbuds for swimming 2021

JBL Endurance DIVE - Waterproof Wireless In-Ear

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best bluetooth earbuds for swimming 2021

Aftershokz Xtrainerz Open Ear MP3 Bone Conduction

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best bluetooth earbuds for swimming 2021best bluetooth earbuds for swimming 2021

Amnis Stream Swim Bluetooth IPX8

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Swimming earbuds are getting so important nowadays in-the Era of globalization. Athletes, Travellers, vloggers, and visitors like to swim in different country beaches, swimming pools where they find an opportunity to swim.

for more enjoyment, they want music during the swim, so I pick the best true wireless earbuds for swimming laps. best waterproof earbuds for swimming are really good for those who love to swim.

You also might be looking for the best bluetooth earbuds for swimming but let me clear one thing !

Bluetooth doesn't pass through water properly

Bluetooth wireless earbuds may not work from long-range or deep water swimming. one of the best practices is you have to use both (MP3 player + earbuds) together.

In some circumstances, if you don’t like to swim deep or swim near to your mobile device it will be a good choice to consider Bluetooth devices 

Swimming & water problems and their solutions

According to American Speech-language Hearing Association (ASHA) swimmer ear is an infection of your ear canal, swimmer ear can cause by:

(1) – Moisture trapped in the ear canal.
(2) – An Injury to the ear canal.
(3) – In rare cases, Peoples have skin condition may get swimmer ears quickly.

 Its better to secure your ears with earplugs or earbuds( unless you are music lover) swim earbuds are the best choice to secure and enjoy your swimming.

 I pick here wireless and wired both types of swimming wire earbuds, wireless buds, and Bluetooth headphones.
I also made custom comparison table to understand more clearly what you want exactly. I understand peoples do not have so much time for comparing, selecting and many problems face. I have seen a lot of problems I have made this exact blog post to solve and make your clear decision.
scroll down to check all picks! 

1- H2O

Sonar Underwater Earbuds Audio Waterproof Headphone
Compatible with apple itunes format with bluetooth connection for smartwatch
  • small and compact design
  • IPX8 waterproof technology
  • BT 5.0 connectivity with 30 foot long distance
  • 7 hours playtime
  • Built in memory upto 6 GB For Audio
  • Underwater range is only 4 inch
  • No deep/ No long BT range

2- Finis Duo

Waterproof earbuds for Swimming & Training headphones
Soft and comfortable wired buds, Light weight
  • Good for lap swimmers and training
  • IPX8 Waterproof
  • Tested Work Underwater 3 meter deep for 30 minutes
  • Rechargable battery
  • Megnetic charging navigation
  • 7 Hours battery life
  • No wireless option

3- Sony NW-WS623

Perfect for swimming and water sports, jogging etc
Best All-rounder, underwater or surface running. it is best for where you like to use anywhere
  • 4 GB Memory Audio Storage
  • Bluetooth + NFC connectivity
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • 12 hours battery life
  • IPX5 resistance rating
  • can't stay underwater more than 20 minutes

1- H2O best wireless earbuds for swimming waterproof headphones short review

best wireless earbuds for swimming .

summer is just coming, all buddies even though I am super excited to go to the beach, swimming pool to swim, and want to enjoy with family and friends. but before going to swim you must take care of earplugs swim glasses and headband for a long time swimming, but what if you swim laps with music with earbuds  /headphones it would amazing!
well, there are many choices to pick one of the best matches with you. it might be H2O underwater swim headphones for swimming, they work underwater wireless if you want to use them wirelessly. well, they are an IPX8 rating which is a very good standard of waterproof rating. but if you ever feel wireless Bluetooth problems continue from a long distance! there is an alternative option available H20 gives 6 GB biult in memory for audio play
the underwater range is almost zero which makes they are worse in this comparison list, due to the water connectivity issue continues they are not a good choice to consider.

but if you swim not so deep, swim around wireless device signal range they are the best choice to pick. Ideally for kids under 15.

In this video take a look short overview of these earbuds wireless headphones. how they look underwater.  

2- FINIS Duo earbuds for swimming laps short review

waterproof bluetooth headphones for swimming uk
waterproof Bluetooth headphones for swimming UK

By look, FINIS Duo looks too big in images but to be honest I fall in love with these swim buds. their features and quality make me a big fan of it.
They are so useful for all swimmers, kids, to aged people all can use it, For training purpose or professional swimming, they are awesome! they are soft and comfortable wired buds, also they are so lightweight! With IPX8 Rating 100% waterproof. in this buds included rechargeable battery can use up to 7 hours continues to play or 1 hour everyday use makes one charge per week is good, well they are not designed wireless because underwater with Bluetooth connectivity works not good properly!

The hanging option available with swim glasses to adjust in a good way to look. the great thing about the duo is Bone conduction technology to transmit music sound in deep water via your cheekbones. while you are swimming it comes out, they save from having a fiddle 

Big buttons are good including fast forward, shuffle play/pause, and rewind to go or back your fav music. The sound quality is amazing and clear underwater, unfortunately, they are not designed to use on land surfaces.
Charging via magnetic navigation USB-based dock clean regularly after swimming if y are likely to use it for a long time. otherwise, they can get clogged up very soon.

I do think these are good. Like I said, with a few small tweaks, these could be the best swim-buds for the price on the internet.

3- Sony NW-WS623 best bluetooth earbuds for swimming Review

earbuds for swimming laps

Sony NW-ws623 waterproof swim buds another best quality Swimbuds available on the internet. I would recommend them to all sports athletes cause they are the best choice to consider as all-around performance! Bluetooth and NFC technology connectivity option is great to use wireless with a smartphone or any other devices while you are running, jogging, workout at the gym, or under the wireless range area you are swimming! they are excellent with a battery life of up to 12 hours.
but the worse thing about their IPX5 waterproof rating, they may not sustain underwater after 20 to 30 minutes. however, 20 minutes are enough to swim for the average swimmer. 

Battery life comparison you can see different by hours. To full view chart! click round 3 dotted tab.

4- H2O Audio

Interval Swim Headphones for Apple Watch Series
Great for swimmers. designed for all apple watch series operated by My swim tracker app available on IOS store
  • 12 ft deep water submersion
  • IPX8 Waterproof
  • Great sound quality
  • Not recommended for Android devices
  • Only apple watch connectivity option available
  • No battery

5- JBL

Endurance DIVE - Waterproof Wireless In-Ear Sport earbuds
Fast Connection and Stable Signal Transmission
  • additional 1 GB internal + built In MP3 player
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • BT 4.2 wireless connectivity
  • 8 hours battery life
  • Can Sustain underwater up to 30 minutes (max depth 1 meter)
  • Sound quality becomes bad underwater
  • Complex controls to manage
  • Fragile Charging port

6- Aftershokz

Xtrainerz Open Ear MP3 Bone Conduction Headphones
Ultra Flexible Silicon Sleeping Earbuds with Microphone
  • IP68 water resistant
  • Open ear design
  • Internal music storage (4 Gb) Mp3
  • 8 hours battery life
  • can sustain Underwater for 2 hours (max depth 2 meters)
  • No wireless bluetooth connectivity
  • No ANC/ noise reduction

4- H20 Audio Earbuds best waterproof earbuds for swimming Apple Watch Series short review

best bluetooth earbuds for swimming

If you are an Apple user and want to switch your device along with swimming they are probably the best choice.  
They feel amazed because they exist within ears. However, they feel so gentle.

The battery option not added because they are the plug-and-play type with the apple watch is quite good.
The sound quality is quite good, and there seems to be minimal sound bleeding.

probably one of the better utilizations of that function in an earbud. These for a super-specific purpose and they are fantastic for that purpose.

They are not useful for android users. in some cases, android watches have sound features to listen to music but still can face some hurdles that’s why I don’t recommend them to android users. below you can see a video overview and 1 alternative option for android users.

4.1 Best Alternative of H2O apple watch series

if you are looking for a wireless Bluetooth connection. Pair your smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, Android, etc.) This is the best option to consider H2O STREAM 2.

5- JBL Endurance DIVE best earbuds for swimming laps headphones short review

best earbuds for swimming laps

The JBL Endurance Dive is JBL’s set of wireless waterproof earbuds for swimmers. if you want pair of swimming with workout earbuds, the JBL sports earbuds should be in your cart. IPX7 rating is quite a great waterproof in terms of your swim with it. 
1 Gb internal music backspace with MP3 built-in support is awesome to use when the signal drops out by far distance this helps you continue your music along with whenever you are in the swimming pool or in the gym to workout stuff.
however, sound quality bad underwater with a fragile charging port as per user experience rates not so good.

battery life is good with 8 hours to backup your workout at the gym or long time swimming. they do support fast charging if you forgot to charge before going to work out or swim. Attach MIcro-USB cable for 10 minutes they give you back up to 1 hour.

6- Aftershokz Xtrainerz earbuds for swimming wireless Open Ear MP3 Bone Conduction Headphones short review

best true wireless earbuds for swimming

UK High authority website Covered comprehensive article on swimming earbuds wireless headphones. But they Forget to Include these amazing swim buds.

I strongly recommend this they designed & engineered awesome. They fit inside your ear easily (once positioned)

8 hours of battery life with 4 GB internal music storage makes your day special. They are good to use in workouts or swimming. Not too many recommendations are to use underwater because everything has its own limits.

They have sustainability is 2 hours with a maximum 6-foot depth, which is good I think for professionals. however, they do not include wireless connections and by their design, they did well. because BT wireless often does problems, works not properly underwater. 

another thing to see is they are not so well in noise cancellation/ noise reductions but overall it’s a very good product to go because every product has some smalls tweaks it never means you don’t buy they are meant you have to manage things along with it. 
Quality product at a Good price is an amazing choice to pick.

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