Waking up and feeling the best is much easier said than done. That’s why today we’ll be discussing the best workout Bluetooth earbuds under 100.

If you’re looking for a pair of fitness earbuds that can help you perform better on your workouts no matter where you go, then these are the ones to get.

These earbuds come with features designed to help any exerciser get the best out of their workouts whether it’s doing upper-body exercises at the gym or lower-body lifting exercises at home.

With so many fitness trackers on the market these days it can be hard to choose ones that actually work and deliver on their promises of delivering results.

The Tickr Fitness Earbud is a perfect example of what I’m talking about because it delivers on both accounts

7 best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100 Dollars

best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100

Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds

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best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100

Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth Wireless Sport earbuds

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best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100

skullcandy Ink'd+ Active Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

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best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100

MULTITED MX10 Wireless earbuds for workout

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best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100

JLab Epic Air Sport ANC True Wireless Earbuds

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best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100

TREBLAB X3-Pro Wireless Earbuds

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best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100best workout bluetooth earbuds under 100

AXLOIE Wireless Earbuds

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There are innumerable choices for earbuds so how would you know which ones are the best workout earbuds under 100 for you?

To make the right choice, all the features with the best workout earbuds under 100 USD must be broken down into categories, and then you should decide which qualities are the most important for you. This is how you can narrow down the choices.

1- TOZO T12

AMAZON BEST SELLING sports earbuds
They are comfortable and secure to wear with great price
  • Ideal choice for jym workouts
  • IPX8 water proof
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • 5 hours playtime + 18 hours Case charging backup (wireless charging available)
  • ANC less Efficient
  • No aptX, AAC only

2-JayBird X4

Wireless sports Earbuds
Great for workout & Sports design with good sound control
  • Customizable sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX7 waterproof technology
  • Good fit
  • High Volume effects battery life
  • Short battery life


EP-T28 true workout wireless earbuds
Wireless stereo neckband earbuds with 32-bit
  • Best for workouts and running
  • IPX5 sweat, water and dust proof
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Good sound and mic quality
  • noise cancellation problems
  • battery life

1- TOZO T12 TWS wireless earbuds short review

They feature IPX8 water resistance so they won’t break if you sweat heavily with them or take them into the shower, a charging case that has a little screen to indicate how much battery is left, and newly it now uses a type C connector to charge over the more flimsy Micro USB from before. The case is similar in size to that of the Tozo T10’s but a little bit smaller in length, or about the size of a small pillbox which will allow it to fit snuggly in a pocket or handbag with ease.
 The earbuds themselves sound better than previous models featuring a bass booster to help how much power the little speakers can push out. Overall as an audiophile, I like it but that’s with regards to it being a tiny pair of Bluetooth earbuds that’s also waterproof (they are great for running with or carrying lightly but I would not use these as a desktop solution for example).

The earbuds also feature touchscreen controls on their side with several tap motions to control. This was also the case for the T6 model but now the sensor is a bit larger making it much easier to do the correct gesture

2- Jaybird X4 sports earbuds short review

I would say first about they have great sound quality. The a huge difference between these to other earbuds I’ve tried. Battery life isn’t going to get you through a workday, but you’ll need charging breaks for your ears throughout the day anyway. This leads to my only complaint: they are not very comfortable for long-term listening. I can only get a couple of hours of them before my ears are hurting and I need to take them out for a break. With that being said, they are good in the gym because they don’t move around or pop out while I’m working out.

Low battery warning is non-intrusive and not at 100% volume which is surprisingly difficult to find in Bluetooth earbuds. The controls are easy to use and I can tell the buttons apart just by feeling them which makes it easier.

There is a specific charger for these that is provided. It works pretty well, but you need to have a USB->Wall adapter (but who doesn’t have one lying around?) as that is not included. While I’m not a fan of having a separate charging cable for every device, I do like not having to fiddle with the rubber door that covers most Bluetooth headphones’ chargers. I haven’t scientifically tested the charge time but it is pretty fast.

If you like customizing things, the app does let you change the EQ and what the buttons do. The defaults without using the app are not bad though! You could use these headphones without ever installing the app

3- AUKEY EP-T28 Earbuds

Aukey are good to build best budget with quality products so they have come with EP-T28
Personally I have reviewed many types and shapes of truly wireless earbud.
Buy Aukey EP-T28 earbuds To have the easiest option to use and the most comfortable I find that the small tip really helps. Other models that are only a sphere shape have a tendency to be less comfortable and easy to put in the ear. The tip of those buds makes them easier to handle and place well on the ear.
they have really good sound quality, the seal provided by the rubber tip is good. At a price point under 100, a long-lasting battery is a GREAT option! check out the price 
Click here

Battery life comparison you can see different by hours. To full view chart! click round 3 dotted tab.

4- Jabra

Elite Active 45e Sports Earbuds
Easy control with Jabra sound + app
  • Alexa, Siri, Assistant
  • IPX67 waterproof (certified)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • upto 8 hours battery life
  • MicroUSB charging
  • Bad mic quality

5-Willful T7

Bluetooth TWS sports earbuds
Economically they are the best Wireless earbuds Overall in this List
  • Best for workouts and running
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • 5 hours play time
  • Iphone, android compatible
  • Built In microphone technology


Bluetooth running, workout, sports earbuds
Passive noise cancellation With great sound quality is good even outdoor calls
  • Best for workouts + calls
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • BT 5.0 + siri, assistant supported
  • Avg 6 hours play time
  • Built-in-mic, cVc 8.0
  • No ANC
  • siri, google supported

4- Jabra Elite Active 45e sports Earbuds short review

 I don’t often use them to listen to music. For this use case, it’s a great product – I can hear subtle nuances in people’s speech (like hard to detect regional accents) and people can understand me, even if I’m in a loud environment. I often use it with only the right earbud inserted in my ear and it works pretty well (the microphones are on the right side
They are a very good headset for voice also they are light and easy to wear around the neck. you don’t look like a dork (it looks like the sports earbuds that lots of runners are wearing) magnetic earbuds – just separate them to take a call
They are able to connect to up to 8 devices (2 at the same time) however sound is not that great for anything but voice
not satisfied with short battery life (a few hours of conversation)

5- Willful T7 bluetooth TWS earbuds short review

These earbuds present themselves in a very elegant Black case, and turn automatically on as soon as you open the case. The pairing with iphone has then been easy and quick:  started with some music on Spotify with really good.
even more amazed is when I tried a phone call: I knew at that point I would hear clear and crisp, but also the other person could hear me very well and without noticeable lag.

Finally, the gum of the ear plugs effectively screens from external noise, and the battery provides good power for many hours of continuous listening

Willful T7 wireless earbuds are phenomenal! These earbuds have 5 hours of playtime (at 50% volume), Charging case provides an extra 35 hours of battery life with the cradle, and they charge super fast. Quality clear quad microphone for excellent phone calls having Superior Sound Quality. Music is crisp, solid sounding and earbuds boast serious outside noise cancelation which is a bonus! These are great for long trips, hikes and or workouts, desk jobs go fast using these! Willful T7 wireless earbuds are equipped with a sensitive enough high-sensitivity touch sensor that can detect every touch, only need to move fingertips to complete a series of operations such as play/pause music, receive/end calls etc.

Best part with these earbuds are, once i open the charging box, they can seamlessly pair to my iPhone 11 automatically without any problem. These are best earbuds at reasonable price the product is a stunningly lucky find!

Great sound quality, great price, holds a charge for a ridiculously long time, has nice charging case. Automatically turns off when you put back in the charging case and charge. Great product all around with either single use allowed by both buds. Would highly recommend it to anyone….!!!

6- Treblab X5 sports earbuds short review

X5 is an amazing piece of construction in terms of sound! Objectively, the listener can hear the lyrics and the instruments in every song so very clearly and may feel they are situated either in a recording studio or seated in a live concert. I may also add that the lyrics and the instruments are clearly separated and not muddled or jammed together. However, the listener has to be wearing the correct ear tips to experience what I have described. Other then what I personally consider amazing sound, what I really like is being able to take the X5’s out of the charging case and they will automatically pair with a music player that has Bluetooth.
X5’s are so comfortable, the wearer may forget they are wearing them. They are in my personal opinion, have the best sound, the best in comfort and the best of what the buyer can get for the money.

Other great alternative options workout earbuds



TOZO T5 Sports Wireless Earbuds Click here  AMAZON

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