Are you worried about using your airpods in the shower? Take some time to read on other reviews regarding this topic. If you have concerns now, it’s probably better to keep them out of the shower in order to avoid any potential damages or problems.

In case you are experiencing pain or discomfort with your AirPods while using them, please contact Apple for further assistance.

It is also a good idea to take the time to clean your ears regularly and check for any signs of injury. For a full list of symptoms that could mean you have an ear infection.

Are you worried about using your AirPods in the shower?

Apple’s newest product, AirPods, has been getting a lot of attention lately. The earbuds have been touted as being perfect for listening to music or podcasts while working out and many people are wondering if they’re safe to use in the shower.

The short answer is that it’s generally safe to use Apple AirPods in the shower, just so long as you take the proper precautions. Before we get into exactly how and why it’s recommended to avoid the shower with AirPods , let’s go over some background information about them.

We’ve done some research on this topic and we’ll share what we found with you!

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So, are Apple AirPods safe for showers?

This is a concern that may be answered soon as reports of wireless earbuds going into water have been few and far between so far. There are quite a few reasons why this is the case, but also a few reasons why it might not be.

The most likely reason that wireless earbuds are staying away from water is due to the fact that they were marketed as being sweat-resistant when they were first introduced. This allowed them to be used while working out or even in light rain without any issues, but there is no mention of water resistance when it comes to using them in the shower.

This doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be used in the shower, but a few precautions should be taken to ensure that everything remains in good working order over time.


If you’re wearing airpods pro waterproof outside of the shower, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be sweating while doing so. There are even those who like to wear them when they’re working out and this can mean that your headphones are sitting in moisture for extended periods of time.

How do I make sure these are dry?

Our advice is to wipe them down with a soft, anti-bacterial cloth and then place them in the charging case afterwards. This will ensure that they’re completely dry before being placed away for storage until the next time you need to use them again.

If you find yourself using your airpods pro shower outside of water but in a humid environment, you might consider carrying along a couple of anti-bacterial wipes in order to clean them down when needed.

If you’re not going to be using your airpods pro shower for an extended period of time, we’d highly recommend that they be placed in the charging case and kept away from moisture as much as possible. Here are some reasons why you should be worried about a possible damage to your airpods pro waterproof.

Can You Wear Airpods in The Shower?

It is not recommended for users to wear AirPods while showering as the condensation from the steam may damage the nano-coating on the inside of either earbud. It is also advised that users keep their case away from water so it will remain in pristine shape.

If you need to secure the case from the elements, you can use one of our cases that will help protect it. We offer both waterproof and snowproof cases to ensure your AirPods are always protected.

Can You Wear Apple Airpods in The Shower? Should I Wear Airpods in The Shower?

Regarding Apple’s security message “Don’t get too wet” it seems unlikely that you’re going to have any issues with your airpods pro sweat resistant if you use them while fully submerged under water. AirPods contain electronics so they do not like water, but you can definitely wear them in the airpods pro waterproof.

Can You Wear Airpods Pro in The Shower?

What it says on the tin. Can you wear AirPods pro in the shower? While they are advertised as being “splash, water, and sweat-resistant,” there’s no mention of how well they hold up to showers. 

” Apple airpods pro sweat resistant, when properly maintained, were tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IPX5, which means that it can resist incidental moisture, but not immersion in water,” they said. “IPX airpods pro sweat resistant rating does not apply to headset devices.”

What this means is that you shouldn’t swim with them in your ears or take them underwater wear AirPods pro, and don’t get the charging case wet (obviously).

What Happens if You Wear Airpods in The Shower?

I searched the internet and found out that there are several users who have had negative experiences with their airpods in the shower. One owner reported water entering one of the pods.

# I wore my AirPods for a while, then took them off to clean up before taking a shower, but when I went to put them back on I noticed one of the pods was wet.

# I don’t know if it’s because I used them in the shower but there is water inside my airpods pro sweat resistant case…is that normal?

# My AirPods turn on when I have a shower and are in my ears or when they’re lying on the desk with no music being played.

# Why are my Apple AirPods randomly connecting with my iPhone when I am in the shower? Is there anyway for me to turn off this Bluetooth connection as it drains a lot of my battery.

# My air pods fell and slid from the edge into the tub while I was taking a bath, and they somehow got water inside them.

So should you wear your AirPods in the shower? I suggest not to. Some owners have had positive experiences with showering, but most of those stories were about older models where the charging case was open on the bottom. Newer airpods pro sweat resistant have a better seal and are more AirPods pro sweat resistant. Yes, there is probably a very small percentage of airpod owners who have had success showering with them, but the chances are not in your favor.

Is it okay to wear airpods in the shower?

The AirPod is an earphone made by Apple. It has a wireless design and can be airpods charging case using a Lightning cable or wirelessly via Qi airpods charging case. The first generation was released in 2016 as part of the iPhone 7, while the second generation were released in 2018 as part of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

The AirPods are designed to have better sound quality than most other earphones on the market today. They come with three sensors: one for handling touch input from double-tapping on either earbud’s exterior; one for motion sensing when you’re listening to music that automatically pauses when you remove both AirPods from your ears; and one for measuring how much battery life remains in each earbud, which can also tell if a bud is in your ear.

There’s an accelerometer built into each AirPod for handling motion tracking when you’re listening to music or making a call on the iPhone, and there are optical sensors inside each bud that detect how much ambient sound is picked up by the microphones. This allows that mic to stay active so you’ll be able to hear what’s going on around you while listening to audio content at lower volumes.

There are some disadvantages of using airpods though:

Case Study 1 : The case reported here as one incident happened in mall of Asia around 8 pm this February 22nd 2018 . A shopper complained that her friend who was wearing Apple air pods drop from his ear and went to retrieve it but a security guard told him to leave the item because its property of MOA.

The buyer went back and requested assistance from other guards who said that its not their job to handle what is not theirs and one of them even snatched the airpod away from him. The customer returned again when he noticed that his ear pods were no longer in possession by any security personnel. He asked assistance again from mall employee inside TGV cinemas beside MOA Arena where his headphone was missing . In this instance, MOA management have yet to respond on why they did not return the lost ear pod with the owner nor compensate for the cost of replacement since there are no receipt indicating purchase/price .

An incident happened in Jeollanam-do, Korea with a kid who lost his ear pod under the machinery of a public toilet bowl. The worker inside that restroom saw him losing one of it and immediately rushed him to the customer service desk for assistance .

In this case, Apple is not liable since there was no receipt found as well when the owner reported what he has lost . Some other cases also happened in Taiwan where they were left on the floor of an airport or picking their dropped ear pods from other people’s feet are just some of them.

The airpods have very minimal damage protection as well if you’re going to use them for long hours or for your daily activities as they may keep falling off your ears and dropping to various places like mall floors, sidewalks, hospitals, airports, swimming pool and worst case scenario: on your bathroom floor.

Over the years, there are many reported cases on what is known as ” Airpod injuries” . It can range from ear infections to middle ear damage caused by airpods that are being inserted too deeply into the ears. One of the main reasons for this type of injury is because people can easily forget that they’re using them in public especially when used to listening with over-the-ear headphones or other kinds of earphones.

As Apple says, ‘Do not insert into your ear canal’. When inserted incorrectly or forcefully, it could be a matter of damaging your eardrums or causing some sort of irritation or infection inside your ears.

No# 1

Airpods are not recommended for use in airpods pro waterproof or in wet environments as it is not water resistant. They are, however, splash and rain resistant.

The earbuds stick to the outside of your ears with a rubber-like sealant that causes them to transfer sound vibrations through your ear bones into your inner ear. If you don’t want water to get into either of the tiny holes on each bud that connects to external microphones and touch sensors, then avoid getting them wet by all means possible. It’s uncertain whether or not Apple will make airpods more waterproof in future updates—but for now, they’re not designed for use underwater (which includes hot tubs). Although they can work underwater up to 1 meter depth , Apple also recommends using AirPods only in dry.

No# 2. You should remove them before showering or swimming.

If you’re worried about losing your airpods pro rating, consider turning on Find My iPhone. If you lose one of the earbuds or both, log into to see where they are using the Find My app on another device (just make sure that the Bluetooth connection with your lost AirPod is still active when you do this).

Do not clean them with any substance like alcohol, antiseptic wipes, solvents, or benzene. Just pat dry with a microfiber cloth and then use Alcohol Swabs for special cleaning requirements. Over time, ear wax can build up inside and block the external microphone so that your voice won’t come through clearly during calls. If you need to remove excessive build-up of ear wax, consult a qualified doctor or healthcare professional for advice airpod pro shower.

No# 3. Do not insert into your ear canal if you want to prevent injury and infection.

There are reports that many people had a hard time keeping them from falling out during their jogging, walking or running. If a person with long hair is using them, the chances of losing it are even higher as they get tangled easily. When used in tropical countries where it’s hot and humid, these earbuds may not work properly due to sweat or moisture building up on the internal parts airpod pro shower.

No# 4

Apple does offer a warranty on their product, but it is void if there is no receipt of purchase/price tag to prove that you paid for it. If you’re still within the period of warranty and unfortunately if your Airpods get lost or experience problems, Apple will give you a new pair for free as a replacement product.

There are certain precautions that should be considered when wear AirPods pro. This is to keep them from losing their charging capability, get dents on the exterior, or even getting damaged when they’re used. The charging case should be kept in a safe place so as not to get lost and keep them dry at all times. AirPods should only be charged using the included USB Power Adapter and Lightning Cable. 

Base on Apple’s warranty information page, here are some common problems that may occur wear AirPods pro.

Earbuds stay in but won’t play sound or charge :

Make sure you’re using the latest version of iOS. Make sure the battery is charged all the way up for about 15 minutes before placing it into the case. If either earbud stopped responding, try a reset: Open the charging case and remove the earbuds. Make sure both earpieces are securely in place, then close the lid. Press and hold either

Now if you do a reset or restart, you will have to set up your AirPods again. Don’t worry everything is automatically synced back up with iCloud so any settings you’ve previously changed will be updated.

If it still doesn’t work, do a full restore on your iPhone using these instructions. This will factory reset your device and delete everything including settings, data, and content you added to the phone (like apps and music). Make sure you’ve backed up all the things you want to keep before doing this. If both earbuds fail, you’ll have to get them replaced.

If one earpiece is not working correctly, you should be able to fix it by removing and repairing it. To do this: Make sure the battery on your iPhone is charged all the way up for about 15 minutes before placing it into the case. Take out both earpieces, making sure both are securely in place, then close the lid. Press and hold either earbud for five seconds. Then press play on your iPhone to make sure they’re fully synced up (it might take a few minutes after pairing).

No# 5

There have been many cases of “airpods pro damaged” over the years that can range from ear infections to middle ear damage caused by wear airpods pro that are being inserted too deeply into the ears.

No# 6

It is important to take care of your AirPods so they do not get damaged or lost when using them outside of the home environment. The best way to do this is to keep them in the charging case at all times.

It is ok if you want to use AirPods while hanging out on the couch and watching movies with your family, but make sure that they are safely tucked away in their case before leaving the house or going to bed at night. Focus primarily on keeping the ears themselves clean so they continue to remain bacteria-free and healthy.


if you use the earpods but take note to all precautions and still experience further problems, contact Apple or an authorized service provider for assistance.

Besides that, it’s probably better to just avoid using them in the shower.

Apple AirPods are a newer product, and as such there may be some skepticism about their safety. In this blog post we’ve addressed the most important factors to keep in mind when using your Apple AirPods while showering or going into water. As long as you take precautions by keeping them dry at all times and not inserting them too deeply into your ears, it should be safe for use with little risk of being damaged. Should anything happen to go wrong during use, contact Apple right away so they can offer assistance!


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