You’re on the right track if you can’t think of a conch shell without hearing the word “conch.” (…yes, really)

Your conch is smack-dab in the middle of your cartilage and kind of resembles a circular shape.

You have two alternatives when it comes to getting your ear pierced: inner or outer, but the best bet is the outer conch.

Can You Wear Earbuds with A Conch Piercing?

Wonderful question! Not as wonderful answer: You can’t really wear earbuds with a conch piercing at least while it’s healing.

If you have an earring that is healed, switch to over-the-ear headphones. This will stop your earring from getting caught on anything.

What Is the Level of Pain from Conch Piercings?

There’s no definitive answer since pain tolerance is completely unique to each person and their bodies.

However, your conch is a thick section of ear cartilage, so you may anticipate a decent amount of discomfort (sorry, but the truth is the truth), as well as pinch and ouch (sorry, but the fact remains).

If you’ve already started stretching lip piercings, you’ll probably find the conch piercing less intense than others.

Any Precautions to Take with Conch Piercings?

Generally it is recommended that you wait six weeks after any body modification before getting a conch earring especially if they’re cartilage piercings (or even surface piercings).

It is advised to clean the piercing with a sea salt solution, but never use alcohol.

Can You Sleep in Earbuds After Getting Conch Piercings?

If you’re concerned about sleeping on your new conch earrings or simply aren’t sure if it’s okay, here are two ways to make this call:

  • 1. If you don’t mind sleeping on your earrings, then go for it. You will want to be careful to prevent pulling or snagging the metal that’s in your ear, which could lead to infection.
  • 2. Avoid sleeping on your piercings if they’re healing. It might seem like common sense, but when in doubt, don’t sleep on it.

Will an Earbud Affect Conch Piercings?

It depends, but we wouldn’t recommend using earbuds after your conch piercings have healed. If you want to go ahead and listen to tunes (we’d like to join you), make sure the area doesn’t get too irritated, and maybe use a different method of listening to music.

How Long Do Conch Piercings Take to Heal?

Six weeks, give or take. This is when they’re at their highest risk for infection, so it’s best not to sleep in them and avoid contact with harmful bacteria in the meantime.

Additionally, don’t pick at scabs, and don’t change your earrings too frequently.

What Is the Meaning of Conch Piercings?

The conch piercing has no specific meaning, but it is considered a sacred shell that has been used for many different purposes for eons.

If you’re looking to use your conch as a religious symbol, you might want to follow up with your piercer for some unique suggestions.

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