Yes, you can wear Earbuds with a tragus piercing even airpods.

The earbuds use a small battery that is tucked behind the stem of the earbuds/airpods, so there shouldn’t be any problems with your tragus piercing taking away any functionality.

(This obviously assumes that you don’t have an allergic reaction to the metal in your earrings.) That also means that they can be worn with any type of ear piercing, even an earlobe piercing.

can you wear airpods with a tragus piercing stud?

Yes, you can wear airpods with my tragus piercing all the time or even any kinda earbuds you can wear either.

The stem of the AirPod actually forms a seal around the ear that prevents sound leakage, so having thicker jewelry shouldn’t affect your ability to listen to music.

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Earbuds with a tragus piercing. The answer is yes, but there are some things you’ll need to know before wearing earbuds with your new tragus piercing. For one thing, the most important question will be how long can I wear my earbuds?

This depends on what type of work or activity you’re doing while wearing them which could range from an hour up to 8 hours depending on the load and intensity of that task’s requirements.

You should also consider whether the quality of sound in these headphones is good enough for your needs as this may change as well if they become damp due to sweat or movement during physical exercise such as running or working out at a gymnasium. In addition,

it’s worth noting that many people recommend wearing earbuds with a tragus piercing at least for the first month to keep things safe, but some have kept them in longer so you can always talk with your piercer or look on their website for information.

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