connect apple headphones are the type that plugs into your phone or mp3 player via a headphone jack.

These types of headphones will not work with an Xbox One because this console does not have a headphone jack. It may be possible to plug it in, but you won’t hear any sound through the headphones.

For other types of devices, make sure the headphones work with other devices.

Anyone who wants to listen to music or play video games would benefit from investing in a good pair of connect apple headphones, but it’s just as important to buy the correct pair that fits your lifestyle and listening preferences.


If direct jack doesn’t work with Xbox one you can buy XBOX ONE Stereo Headset Adapter and Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter available on amazon

Do Apple Headphones Work on Xbox One

Do Apple Headphones Work on Xbox One

Here is an overview of the different types and features available:

Over-the-ear headphones:
These types of headphones completely cover the ear and often provide an enhanced sound experience.

They are comfortable but can make it difficult to hear what is going on around you unless they have a noise-cancelling feature or volume control.

The downfall of over-the-ear headphones is that they tend to get hot and can be bulky, which makes them uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Earbuds are lightweight and sit on or in the ear without covering it entirely.

Some have a loop that wraps around the top of your ear while others have a clip behind your ear to keep them from falling out while you’re running, biking, or at the gym.

With earbuds, it’s easy to hear what is going on around you, but they do not provide the same high-quality sound experience as over-the-ear headphones.

Typical earbud design.

Earbuds are lightweight and sit on or in the ear without covering it entirely.

Some have a loop that wraps around the top of your ear while others have a clip behind your ear to keep them from falling out.

Nerd tip:
Earbuds can be used with a stereo jack adaptor to provide the same audio experience as over-the-ear headphones, but the sound quality will not be as good and depending on your device, you may need to purchase additional accessories.

Have your local GameStop store sales associate assist you in purchasing the best pair of headphones for you.

In this post, we’ll go through how to link several Apple headphones to the Xbox one so you can communicate with your teammates while playing games. Continue reading to learn about all there is to know about the procedure.

Using apple air pods on an Xbox One

Let’s start with connect apple headphones, the most popular Apple headphones ever.

Step 1: Your Xbox One must be switched on.

step 2: Use the power button to “activate” your controller.

step 3: connect apple headphones to the 3.5 mm audio jack and switch them on. The audio connector is located near the controller’s USB port.

You will need to use the smaller plug on your air pods cord for this purpose.

step 4: If you can hear sound, you are ready to start doing some voice chat with your teammates!

At this point, you would assume that that’s all you need to do to get your apple air pods connected to the Xbox console; however, there is an additional step that you have to complete in order to be able to use the apple headphones on Xbox one to talk. 

Step 5: Open up the options menu by pressing the Xbox home button.

Step 6: Go to system settings by pressing the Right Trigger button on your Xbox controller.

Step 7: If you’ve connect apple headphones, you’ll see an audio tab in the system settings menu. Open it.

Step 8: If the slider next to the headset microphone isn’t switched on, make sure it is. You won’t be able to use your apple air pods’ microphone without this.

Step 9: Adjust the headset volume and mic monitoring settings if necessary. Keep the headset volume at a moderate level and the mic monitoring setting low. For the Apple EarPods, you will need the volume at around half of its maximum.

Step 10: You can now go play games! Enjoy your chat with your teammates.

Using apple air pods on an Xbox One FAQs 

How long can I use my apple air pods for on Xbox one?

The exact length of time that you can use your apple air pods on Xbox one is unknown. If you plan to use them extensively, it would be best to purchase another pair that you can use in the meantime when they run out of battery. 

Why won’t my microphone work when using apple air pods?

Make sure that the mic slider next to “headset microphone” is switched on.

How do I mute my microphone when using Apple earphones?

You can click the circular button located beside the “headset microphone” slider to mute and unmute your mic.

Can you use apple air pods with Xbox one console?

Yes, it’s possible for you to connect apple headphones, or any other 3.5 mm headphone that uses a mic.

Where do I find the Xbox One controller volume settings?

You can change the volume of your controller by scrolling left on the home screen, clicking “all settings” and then selecting “devices & accessories”.

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