How does this happen anyway? I know when I wear earbuds, they don’t get in my ears. Maybe it has something to do with the size of your head. Or maybe it’s because you need to put them on correctly and not just shove them in there. If you want to find out more about how these earbuds work, please continue reading.

Music is a good way to work out. It can give you ideas and stop your head from saying “stop, I am too tired.” But earbuds can hurt your ears and make it hard for you to hear anything else.

When you wear earbuds, sweat and moisture can get trapped inside your ears. The wax in your ears naturally cleanses itself. Whenever you put in earbuds, the wax can push back and can accumulate and cause problems like blocked or impacted earwax.


Earbuds might cause ear wax accumulation. Even though our ears are self-cleaning, if we keep the canal blocked for many hours each day, the wax can begin to push outwards.

The primary disadvantage of earbuds is that they deliver music straight into your ear canals. You run a higher hazard of hearing damage if you listen with earbuds for more than an hour each day.

When you use earbuds, you obsessively press the hard plastic part of the earbuds into your ears to get a better grip for the sound. This can deform your ear canal and cause a temporary hearing loss each time you insert earbuds into your ears.

Earbuds can cause hearing loss over time.


  • Take a breath for your ears. Check out the ceiling TV if you can; read a magazine while on exercise machines; take a workout class or use over-the-ear headphones as often as possible. Earbuds used for too long may harm your hearing.
  • Have you ever checked how many times you’ve cleaned your earbuds? If you’re like most people, the answer may be “Wait a second. I should be cleaning my earbuds?” or never. When unpurged, earbuds can distribute germs and bacteria to your ears.

If you like to clean your earbuds or airpods entirely please read this step by step tutorial.

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