Elgin Rebel Earbuds Review

Everybody, what’s going on today?

We’re gonna give a real quick Elgin Rebel Earbuds Review of the Elgin Rebel Bluetooth Earbuds.

So the quick back story is my existing

corded earbuds I’ve had for quite a few years failed on me, and I was looking for something new, preferably without wires for working out.

here in the garage or the shop,
mowing the lawn, whatever.

elgin rebel review

1- Elgin Rebel Earbuds

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Just nothing with wires to get caught on, tools, tree branches, anything like that.

With some quick Google searching, I found a company called Elgin.

They have the rebel bluetooth earbuds.

I figured, let me give these folks a try.

I’ve seen other creators promoting

different brands in their videos
and I have not seen Elgin before.

HIGHLIGHTS | PROS AND CONS | CRUX Elgin Rebel True Wireless Earbuds

In table, you can find short overview pros and cons and a bottom line 


Elgin Rebel True Wireless Earbuds
The Elgin Rebel True Wireless Earbuds is a company that specializes in the production of the best quality, wireless earbuds. The company is based out of Tokyo and has been producing its products for over four decades. They have managed to create wireless earphone systems that are not only functional but also provide high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Good sound quality with 25 dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • Good comfort level
  • Good mic quality
  • Great Design and Structure
  • IP65 water and dust resistance rating
  • Can answer calls via controller
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • OSHA Compliant
  • 12 hours battery life

1- Elgin Rebel True Wireless Earbuds Sound Quality

So did a little bit of research and they

appear to be offering exactly
what I’m looking for.

So what am I looking for?

A, I’m looking for good sound quality,
or one, looking for good sound quality.

B, looking for something lightweight,
waterproof, moisture proof whatnot?

And c is
noise reduction for out here working

in the shop, working whether it’s air
compressor tools, grinders, whatnot.

2- IP65 Water Resistance Rating | Elgin Rebel True Wireless Earbuds

Elgin rebel bluetooth earplug earbuds offer IP65 water resistance, so they can be used in any environment and won’t get damaged by sweat or rain.

Elgin rumble bluetooth earplug earbuds are suitable for all seasons. They feature a high performance noise reduction in-ear speaker and microphone that lets you hear your music clearly at any volume for construction workers.

The built-in battery gives up to 12h of continuous playtime, so you don’t have to worry about running out of charge when you’re on the go with great 25 dB noise reduction rating.

3- Battery Life of Elgin Rebel True Wireless Earbuds

It is said that Elgin rebel earphones have a battery life of 12 hours and the device takes 3 hours to fully charge.

Battery Life Comparison Chart

Battery life comparison you can see different by hours. To full view chart! click round 3 dotted tab.

mowing the lawn out in the bobcat just
to reduce the noise in my ears.

The earbuds themselves are pretty handy.

I’ll get to that in just a minute.

They come with this nice case.

It doubles as a little
charging station for them.

5- Elgin Rebel True Wireless Earbuds Design and Device Compatibility

You should be able to charge your earbuds

up to about five times in this thing
before having to plug it back in as

a standard USB plug on the side of it,
as well as an Led light.

So that is handy.

That was really bright.

Don’t do that.

So this is a nice little carrying case.

Use it for a weekend camping,
outdoors, wherever.

Bring it on the job site with you
for a week, whatever your case may be.

The sound quality of these
things is very good.

I am an audio file and I’m surprised
at my age I can still hear,

given the fact that I cruised around most
of my high school and college years

and even after a little bit, with pretty
decent systems in the back of my car.

But these do have nice
crisp highs, full range.

The lows.

You can definitely tell
there’s bass in these things.

They’re not teeny crispy
trashy sounding by any means.

They are moisture,
sweat resistant, whatever.

I would not take them swimming, of course,

but if you’re outside and you get
wet or you’re jogging what not?

These should be just fine for you.

In addition to having great sound quality

and moisture proof, these things also
cut down about 25 decibels of sound.

They are OSHA certified or OSHA
compliant for noise reduction.

Not noise canceling,
but definitely noise reduction.

So I can definitely tell a distinct change

when I work out here,
working in the garage with power tools

like air compressor, grinders,
whatnot out on the bobcat, moving snow.
Everything is definitely a lot quieter.

I can hear the music.

This also will take and receive calls.

So nobody ever calls me.

So I haven’t tested that out yet.

But if the audio quality is as good for
phone calls as it is for music, perfect.

They do have touch controls on the side.

There’s one button on each start and
Stop Music, answer and hang up on calls.

They are integrated or supported
with Google voice or series.

So all you have to do to start or stop,

say, hey, Google, Stop Song or hey,
Google, turn the volume up to 25%.
For example, me being an Android user,
Siri, you would go ahead and say,
Siri, whatever you ask Siri to do.

Not an iPhone guy.

Anyways, by and large,
these are excellent headphones.

Hey, they’re actually charged.
Look at that.

Ready to go.

Try it again.

They’re charged and ready to go.

I want to thank Elgin
for sending these out to me.

Definitely a great product.
I would certainly recommend
you try them out for yourself.
If you’re not in the mood for the actual
earbuds, if you fear they’re going to fall

out of your head or not
comfortable, whatever.

Two things.
One, this does come with a whole box

of little attachments and different ear
pieces to hopefully fit to your ears.

The standard ones that came on.
These are just perfect for my giant head.

They’re not heavy,
they’re really lightweight.

You don’t really know
that they’re in there.

I can still have a conversation

with somebody with them in, and I don’t
have to say what what and whatnot.

So again, they’re pretty
comfortable to wear.

But again, like I said,

if the earbuds thing is not for you,
they do have some standard headphones,

a couple of different models, as well
as some over the ear muffs, I believe.

So go ahead.
I will drop a link to their website below.

Otherwise, if you don’t believe me,
try it out for yourself.

I’ve been using these for a couple
of weeks now and wanted to give them
a good test before I gave a review,

and so far these have met
and exceeded all of my expectations.

My final thoughts

So if you’re looking for a new set
of headphones or earbuds, I strongly
suggest check out the Elgin products.

and all sorts of fun stuff where I
should be wearing ear protection.

Have a good day.
See you soon.


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