elgin rumble review

Elgin Rumble Review

Elgin rumble are real emerging earbuds in the market right now!

The Elgin rumble osha certified earbuds elgin usa are the latest in wireless sound and voice technology. These robust, long-lasting earbuds have set the standard for industry professionals.

As a member of the Associated Contractors of America, Elgin is proud to offer a product that is designed and tested to withstand the rigors of construction work. The Rumble earbud’s microphone design is specifically engineered to optimize communication while maintaining maximum noise isolation.

It features a 4-point grip with silicone nozzles to help prevent slippage and keep the plug inside your ears during strenuous activities such as heavy lifting or intense working out.

Elgin Rumble Review

1- Elgin Rumble Earbuds

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We specialize in product sourcing, and we can get the Elgin Rumble bluetooth earbuds elgin USA for you at your job site or office.

The Elgin rumble earplug earbuds are the industry standard in voice communication technology. From construction contractors to factory workers to athletes, these wireless bluetooth earplug earbuds help users be heard and stay connected on the job or in the gym.

Elgin rumble bluetooth earplug earbuds for construction workers are durable and long-lasting. Elgin rumble bluetooth earplug earbuds can be used in a variety of situations, including construction workers.


In table, you can find short overview pros and cons and a bottom line 

Elgin Rumble Review


Rumble Bluetooth Earplug Earbuds
The Elgin Rumble wireless earbuds is a company that specializes in the production of the best quality, wireless earbuds. The company is based out of Tokyo and has been producing its products for over four decades. They have managed to create wireless earphone systems that are not only functional but also provide high-quality sound reproduction.
  • Good sound quality with 27 dB Noise Reduction Rating
  • Good comfort level
  • Good mic quality
  • Great Design and Structure
  • IP67 water and dust resistance rating
  • Can answer calls via controller
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • OSHA Compliant
  • 20 hours battery life
  • Micro USB

1- Elgin Rumble Bluetooth Earbuds Sound Quality

The Elgin Rumble Bluetooth Earbuds are designed to provide you with superior sound quality with a great noise reduction rating. Made with noise isolating technology, these earplug earbuds will help you hear your music or podcasts at an optimal volume level.

If you’re a person who is environmentally conscious and wants to reduce their carbon footprint, the Elgin Rumble Bluetooth Earbuds are perfect for construction workers. They are made from recycled plastics and aluminum cans.

These earplug earbuds come with soft silicone ear tips and a tangle-resistant wire that puts them at ease for long periods of time.

2- IP67 Water Resistance Rating | Elgin rumble bluetooth earplug earbuds

elgin rumble review

You don’t want to worry about your earphones getting wet when you’re out running or working on the farm.

Elgin rumble bluetooth earplug earbuds offer IP67 water resistance, so they can be used in any environment and won’t get damaged by sweat or rain.

Elgin rumble bluetooth earplug earbuds are suitable for all seasons. They feature a high performance noise reduction in-ear speaker and microphone that lets you hear your music clearly at any volume for construction workers.

The built-in 600mAh battery gives up to 20h of continuous playtime, so you don’t have to worry about running out of charge when you’re on the go with great 27 dB noise reduction rating.

3- Battery Life of Elgin rumble earbuds

elgin rumble review

It is said that Elgin rumble earphones have a battery life of 20 hours and the device takes 3 hours to fully charge.

The Elgin rumble comes with an inbuilt battery of 2500 mAh which can be charged by any micro USB cable. The company claims 20 hours of battery on a single charge but so far I have used these earphones for almost 24 hours and still, they are running with a lot of juice left in them. So, yes their claim is right, the expected lifetime is 20 hours as promised. If you’re listening to low-volume music or if you are not using it at all, it lasts a little longer than that also.

How long does it take to Charge?

Elgin Rumble Earphones take around 3 hours from 0% to 100%. It starts charging as soon as you connect the device to the charger(adapter and USB cable will be provided with the device).

It is better to charge it overnight if you are planning to use it for more than 20 hours continuously. It has a small LED indicator that shows red while charging, once fully charged it changes its color to green.

Battery Life Comparison Chart

Battery life comparison you can see different by hours. To full view chart! click round 3 dotted tab.

4- Elgin rumble headphones Noise Cancellation / Mic Quality

Elgin rumble headphones have an absolutely awesome Noise Cancellation and Mic Quality. If you own these headphones, you’re going to have an awesome experience. The noise cancellation is very good and the mic quality is pretty damn amazing too!

What about with others? 

While testing with other people I found that their voices were quite loud in comparison to my voice, which wasn’t that bad of a thing. My goal was to speak as clearly as possible without altering my microphone volume at all and let the person on the opposite end make a judgment call on how well can they hear me or not.

To say the least, it worked out well for me and many people complimented me on how clear my voice sounded even though they could faintly hear some background noise in the recording session! It really depends on what kind of sound you want for your voice.

5- Elgin Rumble Design and Device Compatibility

elgin rumble review

The Elgin Rumble Wireless Earbuds are one of the newest, most cutting-edge earbuds on the market today. With sleek, streamlined design and unmatched technology, these earbuds will be perfect for any music lover or someone looking to make a statement while listening to their favorite tunes.

Design: With a quick glance at these earbuds, it’s easy to see why they are so impressive. The device is housed in a space-age aluminum casing that resists corrosion and makes for an attractive appearance.

The controls are located on the outer edge of the right earpiece and feature LED power indicators to alert you when your charge is low. An 8mm driver with dual bass chambers delivers bass-heavy sound that will have you dancing all day.

Compatibility: is another area that the Elgin Rumble Wireless Earbuds excel in. The earbuds are compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack, so you can use them to listen to music on your television, computer, smartphone or tablet. If your device doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack, worry not!

The included adapter cable will allow you to connect your earbuds to newer devices like the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy series without having to sacrifice sound quality! They also come with a handy carrying case for keeping these amazing earbuds safe when they’re not being used.

My final thoughts

The Elgin rumble Noise Cancelling headphones are very good quality and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a low-budget pair of stylish, noise-canceling headphones that provide a crystal clear microphone quality along with it.

If you do have any ones from other manufacturers, post up in the comments section below as well! It’ll be good to test them out against each other and see which one performs better.

Happy listening everyone!

Super Retarded Guy Out- (You can also refer to me as SRG or SR guy 😉 ) BUY FROM AMAZON – ELGI-NC1 Noise Cancellation / Mic Quality 9.5/10

Sound Quality 8/10

Comfort 7.5/10

Design 10/10

PROS:  Lightweight, Foldable for easy storage, Awesome sound quality and mic quality, Excellent noise-cancelling capabilities EXCELLENT BUY! 

CONS:  A little tight on the head, headphones seem to be made with a smaller head in mind than mine (I wear a 7 3/4 hat size) Elgin rumble Noise Cancelling Headphones!

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