Apple’s AirPods have been a huge success, with people praising the sound quality and convenience of the earbuds.

But what happens if you lose one of your AirPods? Can you find it again using your iPhone?

In this blog post, we’ll answer that question and also look at how accurate Find My Airpods is in locating lost earbuds. Keep reading to learn more!

How Accurate Is Find My Airpods?

As it turns out, not very accurate. While the earbuds will usually beep when you’re in close proximity to them, they can be tricky to pinpoint exactly where they are.

What’s the point of Find My Airpods if it doesn’t show you exactly

Where Your Earbuds Are?

While it’s a pretty good idea on Apple’s part, perhaps there is still room for improvement in the accuracy of Find My Airpods.

However, one cool feature of the app is that your iPhone will play a sound when it detects your missing earbud nearby.


This is enough of a feature to help you locate your AirPods in most cases. To do this, simply press and hold the button on your case and your iPhone will play an audible tone if it’s nearby.

So, while we’d like to see more improvements to the accuracy of Find My Airpods, we’re not going to

Apple has a pretty good track record when it comes to accuracy, usually being able to pinpoint the location of iPhone models down to a few meters.

So How Accurate Is Find My Airpods at Locating a Lost Earbud?

According to reviews by other users, Apple’s earbuds have been found missing AirPods located between 34 feet and 50 feet away – not too shabby!

However, it’s important to note that the AirPods don’t use Bluetooth LE (low-energy) to track their position.

Instead, they use standard Bluetooth which can cause problems if you’re in a crowded area with lots of wireless signals (such as in an airport).

For example, if you lose your AirPods in the forest or in an empty field then Find My iPhone should have no trouble finding them.

But on the other hand!

if you lose one on a busy street or near large buildings then it could be trickier for Apple to find the missing AirPod.

If this is a problem for you, then it might be a good idea to turn your phone’s Bluetooth off when looking for an AirPod.

This will reduce the amount of signal noise in the area, making it easier for Apple’s software to pinpoint your missing earbud.

If You Lose One in A City Location!

we recommend going outside and walking around for 10-15 minutes before using Find My iPhone.

Apple’s accuracy actually seems to be pretty good, with the majority of reviewers saying that they managed to find their missing AirPods within a few hours of searching.

If you still can’t find your earbuds after 24 hours, then it will automatically show up as “Offline” on your iPhone.


to let your phone’s battery run down before searching for it again – this will help Apple locate the AirPod with a greater degree of accuracy thanks to a lower amount of signal noise in the area.

Do Find My Airpods Work With Other Bluetooth Devices?

Yes, you can use Find My AirPods to locate any other Bluetooth devices that you own.

If you lose your phone, then you can simply click “Notify when Found” and Apple will send a notification to your computer or tablet when a nearby device comes within range of the lost earbuds.

However, there is one issue with this feature:

Find My Airpods only works with devices that are using iOS 14 or higher.

This means that if your friend or family member loses their phone then they won’t be able to use Find My Airpods no matter what model of iPhone they own.

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