A lot of people are concerned with how wireless earbuds work with their iPhones.

Whether you’re looking to buy wireless earbuds, want to know whether or not your current wireless earbuds work with your iPhone, or wondering if the headphones that came with your iPhone work wirelessly, this article is for you.

If you’re asking, “do wireless earbuds work?”, then the answer is yes.

  1. The wireless connection between the iPhone and the headphones relies on Bluetooth 5.0 or later.
  2. As long as your headphones support this standard, then they should be compatible with iPhones that use iOS 14 or later.
  3. Your experience may vary depending on what type of older model iPhone you have used in the past.

If you’re curious if your wireless earbuds will work with an iPhone, then head on over to the Apple website. If you do a search for “Bluetooth headphones” you should see a list of both Bluetooth earphones that are compatible with the iPhone.


  • Apple Airpods
  • Wired Earphones with a Bluetooth Connector
  • Fully Wireless Earbuds (no cord)
  • Running Headphones with Microphone

New Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

How Do Wireless Earbuds Work with iPhones

Sony WF-1000XM4

How Do Wireless Earbuds Work with iPhones

Sennheiser IE 300 in-Ear Audiophile Headphones

How Do Wireless Earbuds Work with iPhones


Hi! I want to share with you my experience. About a week ago, my wireless earbuds stop functioning.

And then one day later they just got back to normal again. After that, I realized that the next day they were about to have an issue with powering on by themselves.

If this is your first time using your wireless earphones and you never used them before yesterday, it would be best for you to contact customer service or ask someone else who has also experienced the same issue with their wireless headphones so the two of y’all could try recreating these steps together.


First thing’s first, please make sure that there are no bubbles in your protective case where your earbuds are located after following the first step.

As you can see, bubbles can’t just be ejected out of your earbuds wirelessly since it doesn’t have any battery life in the first place.

So you need to make sure that there are no bubbles in your protective case.


your earbuds from your protective case.

After removing your wireless earbuds, you need to blow air into the openings of your wireless buds. Since bubbles may be stuck inside, you need to make sure if there are bubbles in them.

If there are no bubbles in your wireless earbuds, then you need to make sure that the charging points of your earphones are clean.


You can use a cotton pad and multi-purpose cleaner or even isopropyl alcohol in creating bubbles and dirt so you could easily wipe it off and make sure that there are no bubbles stuck inside your earbuds.


If your wireless earbuds are still not functioning after that, you could try getting another charging cable and use it to charge your device. There is a possibility that your previous charging cable is already damaged.

As you can see, the common problem with wireless earbuds is all connected with bubbles or dirt stuck inside your earbuds.

If you have tried all of the recreating these steps together with customer service/ people that have also experienced this issue with their wireless headphones and it still doesn’t work.

Then you could try going to a professional or even go to the main office of the brand that you are using.

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