If you’re like me, you love listening to music while you work out but hate having to deal with cumbersome headphones that constantly fall out of your ears.

Well, I’ve recently discovered a great alternative in the form of Heyday Wireless Earbuds.

These earbuds are incredibly easy to pair and provide great sound quality. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to pair them with your phone or other device.

Step By Step Guide!

Step 1:

Pair Your Phone and Your Earbuds

The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth feature is activated. It should be turned on by default, but just in case it isn’t you’ll need to activate it.

 TIP: For Bluetooth to work properly on your phone, it should already be activated and turned on.

Step 2:

Open the Case of Your Earbuds

The next thing you’ll need to do is open the case of your earbuds and remove the Heyday earbuds from their case. This can be done by gently prying open the case with your fingers.

Step 3:

Turn on Heyday Wireless Earbuds

Once you’ve removed the earbuds from their case, you’ll need to turn on the Heyday earbuds. To do this, simply tap the center of the power button till you hear a confirmation sound. You’ll notice that the LED light on your Heyday earbuds will turn green and remain lit, confirming that they are powered on and ready to be paired with your device.

Step 4:

Find Your Earbuds on the Device You’d Like to Pair It With

At this point, you’ll need to locate your Heyday earbuds on the device you’d like to pair them with. This is generally as simple as going into your Bluetooth settings and locating the “Heyday Wireless Earbuds” or a similarly named device.

Step 5:

Start Pairing

Once the earbuds have been located on your device, you’ll need to engage in a pairing process. This can be done by simply tapping on the “Heyday Wireless Earbuds” and following any additional prompts. If you need to enter a passcode, it will be “0000.”

Step 6:

Enjoy Your Music!

At this point, the earbuds are ready to use. Simply power them on and off via their power button. If you’d like to make a call, you can simply press the middle of the main button for three seconds and you’ll be able to place a call. You can also answer a call by pressing the same button again, just for a second.

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