Are you an android user who just got a new pair of earbuds? Well, you’re in luck! This blog post will teach you how to set up your earbuds on your android device.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be listening to your favorite music or podcast in no time!

How to Set up Earbuds on Android? Step By Step

Before you can start listening to your favorite podcasts or music, you need to set up your earbuds on an android device.

This is easy- just follow the steps below!

 1. First!

Learn How to Set up Earbuds on Android Phones

tap on the menu button in the top left corner of your phone while viewing through one of your apps. Alternatively, if you’re on your home screen, simply swipe from the top left corner going to the right. This will open up a menu of all your apps and a list of settings.

2. Next!

select “Bluetooth” from this menu if it isn’t already selected, then tap on it to enter into Bluetooth settings.

If your earbuds have already been paired with your device, it will say so under “Paired Devices.” 

3. After this

Learn How to Set up Earbuds on Android Phones

if you see your earbuds listed under “Available Devices” or something similar, select them to pair with them to your device. If you don’t see them listed, press the “Scan” button in order to see available earbuds.

4. Now

that you have found your earbuds under “Available Devices” tap on them and wait for them to pair with your device. This might take a couple of seconds and may require you to enter a code (if there is one).

If this fails, make sure your earbuds are charged up and still in pairing mode (which is usually denoted by a slow flashing light), then try again.

5. Final

Once you have successfully paired your earbuds with your android device, you’re all set to start listening!

Just press the play button on your app or on your earbuds, and you’ll be enjoying your favorite music in no time.


Bluetooth earbuds are wireless earphones that connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device via radio waves. They can be either in-ear or over-ear style and are sold with the purpose of being more convenient than wired earphones.

Bluetooth earbuds connect to a device by pairing them together through a process called "pairing," which is usually done by entering a code into both devices if there is one.


There are also Bluetooth earbuds that work when they're in range of the device, meaning that once you turn on your Bluetooth earbud and walk into your home, it will automatically pair to your phone.

Fast pairing is a feature available on some brands of Bluetooth devices (such as Sony earbuds) that allow you to connect the devices simply by pulling them apart.


It is typically done by pressing a button on one device, which puts it in pairing mode, after which you can pull it away from its counterpart without having to enter a code or anything else.

Bluetooth earbuds are great because they allow you to listen to music, take calls and much more!

With wireless earphones there's no need for wires or a headphone jack- this makes them perfect for people who exercise and want to be able to work out without cables flapping around. 

The range of Bluetooth earphones usually ranges from 10 meters up to 100 meters, depending on the brand. The distance between your Bluetooth devices can also affect wireless range, depending on what you are doing with them.

For example, if you are walking around while using Bluetooth earbuds, you will have a shorter range than if you were sitting at your desk.

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