There are several ways that how to use earphones without damaging ears

we will discuss here best practices to prevent your hearing loss and using earphones without damaging ears, but before starting take a look first!

According to HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL & OSHA USA (Occupational safety and health administration), Overusage listening of Music earbuds/Headphones at high volume sound on could be very harmful to hearing loss as well as the risk of life.

Earphones or headphones can both cause, but you can reduce the risk of hearing loss.

Effects of earphones on ears

Every gadget has positive and negative impact however it’s more productive or less! In the earphones case, there are more negative impacts than positive effects of earphones on the ears but that doesn’t mean you don’t listen music.

its all about level or how loud you listen to it.

Earphones that go over your ears can damage your hearing if you use them too long or play music too loudly  Headphones or earbuds.

High-Risk earphones/Headphones EXAMPLES!

  • Soul by Ludacris:  SL300WB Headphones 
  • Phillips:  Action-fit ear hook sports headphones                           

Key points

how to use earphones safely

can earbuds cause ear infections

If you are concerned about hearing loss you can follow these simple key point to reduce risk.

1- Avoid extreme bass music on high volume

As I mentioned before it’s better to pick the right pair of earphones or any type you like, firstly you have to avoid however how much you are addicted. 
Best practice:
compulsory is taken a break from listening to extreme music with bass.

2- Turn Down the volume

That is very easy to control, to be honest. you need to just down the volume through your smart device or if your earphone has the option to reduce the volume that is exceptional.

3- Use noise-cancelling earphones / headphones

There are hundreds of types of earphones available but have to choose the right size with Noise cancellation that directly helps you to cancel out extremely loud noise.

4- Take listening break

If you are really self caretaker you have to follow 60/60 rule: Listen at 60% max for 60 mins, and then take a break

5- Set a volume limit

Some devices allow you to adjust volume settings. Check your mobile settings or your user manual if you can set a volume limit.
Still confused! According to NIH USA research, the best rule of thumb is to “AVOID NOISES THAT ARE TOO LOUD, TOO CLOSE, OR LAST TOO LONG.”

Key factors

  • Never buy used earphones/headphones (Many online store sellers offer used ones)
  • Sharing of earbuds/headphones can cause serious in-ear infection, it’s better to never use each other.
  • The noise exposure on the job site, or through the use of volume-limiting earbuds/headphones, must not exceed the Table D-2 limits see the full guide: click here.
best earbuds for construction workers chart


These brands are the most famous manufacturers for safety earphones/headphones in the market, designed scientifically earphones with the highest safety parameters.

What are decilbles!

Decibels are used to measure the intensity of a sound. The higher number more intense the sound could worse for your hearing, shown in D-2 table. 

 A safe amount of decibels is around 80 decibels, while OSHA considers a level of 85 to 90 decibels to be eligible for an 8 hour exposure. As the sound level (DBA) decibels increase, exposure of hours per day decreases.

Is earphone harmful for ears ?

Earphones are not a directly responsible cause of infection. It depends on users how they keep clean and safe their earbuds from bacteria.

A good practice is before using earphones make sure your ears and ear tips are clean (Alcoholic sanitization).

In mid of 2020s LG introduced Bacteria killer LG HBS-FN6.
UVnano charging case that kills 99.9% of bacteria while charging which is fantastic.

This information contains for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.
Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

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