First Invention!

The First Earbuds Were Patented in 1891 by A French Engineer (ernest Mercadier). This Is the First Recorded Version of In-Ear Headphones. They Are Light-Weight and Portable Like Ie Ms.

But In Modern Era

Ray Bradbury wrote about a radio that can be worn in the ear. The ipod line is among the best we have ever seen. The company has brought new products to market, but they are enjoyable to use.

The first high-quality earbuds were released in 2003 and have been around for at least a century. The earliest stethoscope was made out of France and had a rubber tube and ivory tips.

The first sound off wax cylinders was played by Thomas Edison. He attached headphones to the device that allowed him to hear the sounds of his invention as he played it.

The musical instruments had more than one set of tubes hanging from them so that people could listen to them at the same time.

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