zvoltz pro wireless earbuds review

Zvoltz pro wireless earbuds are real emerging sports quality earbuds beautifully design with superb features specially made for running sports that never fall down while using! 

Zvoltz Pro Wireless Earbuds provide a great workout experience. They have great sound quality and are easy to use with a variety of functions you can use while working out. If you’re looking for wireless earbuds that don’t slip out or get in your way during workouts, these might be worth a try!

zvoltz pro wireless earbuds review

1- zvoltz pro wireless earbuds

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zvoltz pro wireless earbuds review


TWS ZT000036 Pro Wireless Earbuds Sport Running
ZVOTLZ Pro TWS Wireless Earbuds Sport Earphones with BT 5.0 Enable The Zvoltz Pro are the essential way to experience talk, sound, and sport in a whole new way. Built for those on-the-go and avid gym goers, the Zvoltz Pro were made with a secure earloop design for a snug and safe fit at all times. A built-in battery pack can charge other devices while the MFB is highly responsive. Experience the future of sound and sport.
  • Good sound quality with TWS technology
  • Dual listening mode
  • Good mic quality
  • Multifunction button on ear controls
  • IPX5 water resistance rating
  • SBC, AAC & aptX supported
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (MAX 30 ft connectivity range)
  • Great quality earbuds in Good price
  • 3 and half hours playtime with 80 hours approx charging case backup
  • Noice cancellation
  • relatively short battery life


to start from sound: One of the best features of ZVOLTZ earbuds is good sound quality. 

Zvoltz wireless earbuds focused on soft sound with good bass quality for best performance during gym/ working out.
These earbuds clear vocals in the sound department.

I would say it’s a good investment when are looking for multipurpose use such as watching seasons, outside activities, video games working out, etc.

Zvoltz Pro Wireless Earbuds provide the perfect music experience whether you’re at home, on the go, or in the gym. With superior audio performance and an innovative design, they work seamlessly with any device without wires snagging or falling out of place.

The zvoltz pro earbuds is designed to stay put during rigorous activity this means no more stopping mid-workout because your Zvoltz Pro wireless earbuds sport fell out. Zvoltz pro earbuds runners is sweat and water-resistant, built to last, and perfect for your active lifestyle.

Zvoltz PRO wireless bluetooth earbuds provides a secure fit while performing almost any activity they won’t fall out when you’re,

Working out (Gym, Running Treadmill)   Riding a bike / Jogging Watching TV Wearing them around the office or home Listening to music at home or on-the-go Zvoltz PRO’s true wireless earbuds innovative design features two elastic straps that wrap over your ears with stabilizing fins to enhance grip during rigorous motion and an ergonomic shape that hugs your ear without getting in the way of shoulder presses or squats.

2- Water Resistance IPX5 | zvoltz pro wireless earbuds

IPX5 water resistance rating quite better than older versions.

They are very effective while working out your body full of sweat.
They can be useable while you cycling in overcast conditions slightly facing rain. 
The bad factor of IPX5 is: not designed for swimming nor water pool stuff.

3- Battery Life of zvoltz pro wireless earbuds

zvoltz pro wireless earbuds review

Another core feature of zvoltz is the battery is about 3.5 hours of non-stop playtime. 

one of the things is you can enjoy dual listening mode: which means if the left or right earbud requires recharging again you can recharge with a charging case with 80 hours backup battery life.

Thanks for USB-C type charging port with additional USB option on opposite side of case instead of USB-A (worse) type.

Zvoltz PRO wireless bluetooth earbuds is fully wireless with up to 7 hours of battery life and rapid charging that provides 1 hr of playback with a 15 min charge. Zvoltz PRO wireless bluetooth earbuds proprietary zSound™ technology delivers the perfect audio experience high definition sound.

superior bass response, crystal clear vocals, and Bluetooth® streaming with aptX® support for your wireless listening pleasure. Zvoltz PRO wireless bluetooth earbuds is compatible with any device using an A2DP profile (Bluetooth v5.0 or higher) and has built-in controls to adjust volume, change tracks, pause/play music or take calls on iPhone®, iPad®, Android devices*, Windows Phone 8 devices**, Samsung Galaxy S3 & more!

You can even use Zvoltz PRO wireless bluetooth earbuds as a universal remote control for your TV or stereo system with zRemote™. Zvoltz PRO wireless bluetooth earbuds advanced circuit design enables Zvoltz true wireless earbuds to provide the highest level of sound quality possible through any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Battery Life Comparison Chart

Battery life comparison you can see different by hours. To full view chart! click round 3 dotted tab.

4- Zvoltz pro wireless earbuds Noise Cancellation / Mic Quality

ANC and mic:

Noise cancellation is not so effective when you are listening to music in too many noisy areas unfortunately ANC doesn’t work. 
well! you can’t get everything in this price range,

however Mic quality is great with crystal clear calls, allows you to design reduces background noise for clearer communication, and delivers excellent acoustic clarity.

5- zvoltz pro wireless earbuds Design and Device Compatibility

You’ll enjoy Zvoltz true wireless earbuds Studio Quality Sound, created by Zvoltz bluetooth true wireless earbuds 3D Sound Technology 3 drivers per earbud produce the widest spectrum of frequencies, producing a broad sound field and extended bass response so you can experience your music at its fullest potential.

zSound is engineered specifically for Zvoltz Pro Wireless Earbuds, providing an exceptional listening experience in most environments. Whether you’re running on a treadmill or lifting weights in the gym, Sound provides high-definition music that keeps pace with you without skipping a beat! zSound uses advanced digital signal processing and combines it with Zvoltz wireless bluetooth earbuds proprietary 3D sound technology to produce the perfect audio profile for any activity.

Whether you’re lifting weights in the gym or listening to music at home, Sound provides high-definition music that keeps pace with you without skipping a beat! Anytime and anywhere you want to listen anyone can use zVOLTZ PRO bluetooth true wireless earbuds. There are no complicated wires, pairing settings or Bluetooth® profiles to configure. Just insert them into your ears and start listening!


The design is pretty impressive. Silicon earloops/ear hooks can adjustable but it depends on your ear structure whether you need it or not!
another best thing you can use is WITH & WITHOUT SILICON EARLOOPS  but too much usage of replacing may destroy silicon earloop locks.

Device capability:

These earbuds are IOS AND android compatible. BT5.0 enable you any version of apple or android device even thou connect PC for playing games as well.


Zvoltz earbuds are the best choice to pick for running sports even though indoor sports activities.

IPX5 water resistance rating is good but not excellent like IPX8 waterproof rating, they can’t resist such as IPX8.
These earbuds are not designed for swimming.

The price is fantastic Btw, These buds are cool with great features right now at the lowest price.
however, noise cancellation works not well in noisy places and poor silicon earloops.

would recommend them for durability wish they were a bit tougher. Will maybe look for some taught glue and fix them otherwise without them the rest of it will slip out of your ear.

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